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WISE Group has been involved in developing Helideck Monitoring Systems (HMS) since these systems were first introduced to improve safety and operations offshore. Such systems utilizing the well-proven and user-friendly DADAS real-time data acquisition software have operated in harsh offshore conditions for over 25 years.

The systems can be tailor-made to suit local conditions and can easily be expanded to comply with new demands, rules and regulations. WISE Group can also provide installation support, annual service, calibration services, and personnel training.

WISE Group * Helideck Monitoring System – HCA Prelanding
WISE Group * Helideck Monitoring System – HCA Ondeck

Current new systems will comply with all known rules and regulations worldwide, including the UK CAA CAP 437 certification and the Norwegian Standard for Helideck Monitoring Systems.

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Helideck Monitoring System

A basic Helideck Monitoring System is designed to comply with the rules and regulations of the region where it operates. As well as the aviation safety standards of the owner. Typically most systems are built to comply with CAP 437 for fixed or floating helidecks.

Such basic systems shall include:

  • Wind sensor
  • Air Temperature and Humidity
  • Barometric pressure (QNH / QFE)
  • Motion sensor for the helideck, 6 DOF (for floating rigs or vessels)
  • Visibility sensor with Present Weather
  • Cloud Height sensor with Cloud Amount
  • Data acquisition and display system

The main purpose of the system is:

  • To provide Pre flight information and screenshots to the Helicopter Operators for flight planning.
  • To provide local operators with real-time data of the prevailing conditions during helicopter operations.
  • Communicate Helideck Monitoring System data to other users, local or remote.

Features and options

  • Clear, user-friendly displays of all data vital to helicopter operations
  • Automatic or manual generation of a helideck report that can be sent electronically to onshore users, incl. helicopter operators
  • Additional DADAS software modules available for METAR, SYNOP, HeliMet, DF 22, additional reporting and many other applications
  • Can be connected to LAN or Internet for further data distribution or web access
  • Long-term data logging capacity for later data analysis or investigations
  • Modular design allows adding sensors or users and expands the system to a complete EMS system, incl. MetOcean, Anchor Tension, Excursion, etc.
  • Full integration between Helideck Monitoring Systems and any other marine or structural systems available and encouraged to avoid duplication and costs
  • It can be free-standing, rack-mounted or integrated with other packages
  • Virtual server installations available
  • Trend displays and / or History displays can be added and customized to the individual user
  • Quick and easy installation and commissioning
  • Full worldwide support capability for service and annual check and maintenance
  • Motion verification services are available, including a comprehensive report documenting the system performance
  • Full operator and technical training is available, both as on-site training and as classroom training onshore. Regular onshore training courses are available.

Rules and Regulations for Helideck Monitoring Systems

  • Helideck Monitoring Systems from WISE Group can be made to comply with all the following rules and regulations: 
  • CAP 437 from UK CAA is a current de facto standard for many areas of the world
  • Certified by CAA Norway to conform to aviation standards BSL D5-1 and relevant parts of BSL G7-1 for the supply of Helideck Monitoring Systems
  • Standard Measuring Equipment for Helideck Monitoring Systems and Weather Data issued by Norwegian Helicopter Operators, current revision
  • All guidelines by HCA-Helideck Certification Agency
  • NORMAM-223 (formerly know as NORMAM-27) from Brazilian authorities
  • Relevant Canadian rules and regulations
  • Relevant parts of ICAO Annex 14 and WMO standards, including METAR and SYNOP codes

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Helideck Monitoring Systems
is our Speciality

Offshore Installation and Commissioning Services

WISE Group has a well qualified team of field service engineers who can undertake service work on all kinds of meteorological and oceanographic sensors and systems.

All our engineers have extensive experience from offshore work, shipyard work and onshore work.

Operation and Maintenance Services

WISE Group team of field service engineers can also undertake operation and maintenance services work on MetOcean sensors and systems as well as on other kinds of sensors and systems.

Our engineers can take care of preparing operation and maintenance services schedules, carry out maintenance visits, analyse data, service equipment and many other related tasks.

WISE Group can also offer online preventive service agreements for systems that can be reached online.

Onshore Service and Calibration Services

WISE Group are also able to service and calibrate all kinds of sensors and MetOcean equipment used in offshore renewable projects.

Our workshop is equipped for servicing and calibrating many different kinds of sensors and instrumentation.

Turn-key Instrumentation Projects

WISE Group can take full responsibility for all aspects of offshore instrumentation projects from design of the system, engineering, system integration, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance to data management.