The measuring equipment shall provide sufficient information to the operator to complete all sections of the standard Rig Report, provided for by the helicopter operators.

Measuring equipment sensors for helideck movement, wind and weather data shall be located in optimum positions in order to provide relevant information relating to the helideck.

All information shall be numerically displayed in relevant locations on the vessel or rig for easy communication with helicopters in flight and the helicopter land base

The system shall facilitate transmittal of electronic data to the helicopter land base operation, which in turn can eliminate the need for a separate Rig Report to be submitted.

Accuracy of measurements

The monitoring system (sensors and data programs) shall be checked and verified for correctness on the system field location, strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s procedures. A verification report showing the correctness of the system shall be provided to both the owner of the installation and to the helicopter operators, after first installation. The accuracy of the system shall be checked and verified whenever deemed necessary, but at least once every 3 years. A verification report shall be issued and distributed as described above, after each periodic control.

The dynamic accuracy of the data produced by the Helideck Monitoring System concerning motion shall be: Pitch / Roll / Inclination: <± 0.1°, RMS (Root Mean Square) in the range 0 to 3,5°,  Heave Rate: < ± 0.1 m/s and RMS (Root Mean Square) in the range 0 to 1.3 m/s

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