WXT 520: The Complete Weather Station for Ships

Experience unparalleled weather monitoring with WXT 520, an ultra-compact sensor designed for maritime applications.

It combines weather parameters like wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure under a single, maintenance-free unit.

Its rugged build is resistant to vibrations and features no moving parts, making it a reliable choice for demanding maritime conditions.

Ensure its placement is free from turbulence or obstructions to get accurate readings.

Wireless modem connectivity allows seamless transmission of wind data between the sensor and the display.

WISE Group supplements the WXT 520 with our in-house customizable wind displays, typically 8″ or 12″, showcasing real-time, gust, and average values.

Powered by our adaptable WEATHER DISPLAY software, these interactive displays can be expanded with additional sensors or I/O later, if required.

We also offer various information display formats, such as trend graphics, history displays, and other sensors.

Choose from panel-integrated or wall-mounted display options to suit your needs.

WMT 52: Compact Yet Robust Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

The WMT 52 is a professional-grade ultrasonic wind sensor explicitly designed for maritime applications.

Compact and void of moving parts, this rugged, watertight sensor thrives in high-vibration environments and requires minimal maintenance.

It has a standard mast installation bracket, and a wireless modem can transmit wind data between the sensor and display.

Like with the WXT 520, WISE Group offers customizable wind displays with the WMT 52 sensor. Our rugged touchscreen panel PCs, running our flexible WEATHER DISPLAY software, show real-time, gust, and average values.

If needed, they can be expanded with additional sensors and present information in multiple formats, including trend and graphic displays, history displays, and additional sensors.

Choosing the Right Spot: The Key to Accurate Measurements

Optimal sensor placement is crucial for ships and offshore platform users to avoid turbulence or obstructions that can lead to inaccurate readings or data corruption.

WISE Group engineers leverage their extensive experience to spot potential problems and recommend the best possible locations for sensor installation.

Need help or advice? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.

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