Empowering Safe and Reliable Maritime Operations

With over 15 years of excellence in Stress Monitoring Systems, WISE Group has been a trusted partner in deploying practical deployment of them.

We’ve equipped various maritime operations with Structural Monitoring Systems, Hull Stress Monitoring Systems, and Design Verification Systems, enhancing safety and reliability across the board.

State-of-the-art Technology for Comprehensive Monitoring

Our systems rely on innovative technology, incorporating either weldable strain gauges or long baseline strain gauges as the cornerstone of our solutions. Complementing these with accelerometers, motion data, and environmental sensors, we provide a robust and comprehensive monitoring capability.

WISE Group is committed to delivering solutions tailored to the unique needs of every maritime operation. We design our systems to seamlessly adapt to new demands, rules, and regulations, ensuring compliance while prioritizing safety.

Our service offerings extend beyond technology, encompassing installation support, annual servicing, calibration services, and training.

WISE Group’s Hull Stress Monitoring Systems are meticulous in tracking and analyzing the stress and strain on a ship’s hull.

They play a crucial role in early issue detection, preventing costly repairs and enhancing safety by mitigating risks.

Integrating with DADAS for Holistic Vessel Monitoring

Our Hull Stress Monitoring Systems leverage the versatility of our DADAS software package. This integration offers a comprehensive, user-friendly view of your vessel’s status, enabling informed decisions about operation and maintenance.

Your Trusted Partner in Maritime Safety

Rely on WISE Group for robust and customizable Hull Stress Monitoring Systems. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can elevate your maritime operations.

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