Often known as EMS/EMP systems, Weather Stations, or MetOcean systems are vital tools for many users onshore and offshore.

Our Environmental Monitoring Systems use the well-proven DADAS software, which has been used for over 25 years and has an excellent track record.

We have been involved in developing Helideck Monitoring Systems since these systems were first introduced.

New systems will comply with all known rules and regulations worldwide, including the CAA CAP 437, NORMAM-223 (formerly know as NORMAM-27) and the Norwegian Standard for HMS systems.

We have built and installed many Motion Measurement Systems based on our own advanced AIM-sensor – Adaptive Inertial Matrix. This sensor uses sophisticated MEMS technology to detect and accurately measure all structures’ accelerations, angular motions, and vertical and horizontal motions.

A full 6 DOF – 6 Degrees Of Freedom – sensor for long-period motion measurements for marine applications and matrix-based measurement systems are available.

Current measurement / Current profile

A system with profiling current sensors (ADCPs) can give vital information about these parameters.

DADAS software has simple and user-friendly displays that will give the user a quick and valuable understanding of the situation.

Structural Monitoring Systems / Hull Stress Monitoring Systems

Structures can be monitored for fatigue or damage using traditional strain gauges or fibre optic strain gauges – often combined with acceleration or motion measurements. Such systems are also very often integrated with Environmental Monitoring Systems to correlate data for data analysis.

Suitable Hull Stress Monitoring Systems for larger vessels can also be designed and installed for each project.

Life Extension Systems

Many offshore or marine structures can substantially extend their operational lifetime, providing that some vital parameters are monitored, and data are analysed and reported.

We can design and install systems for monitoring parameters adapted to the structure in question.

Meteorological and Oceanographic sensors

We have vast experience in selecting, operating and maintaining the best offshore sensors for harsh operational conditions. Only sensors with an excellent track record will be recommended for such critical applications.

We can supply everything from single sensors to complete turn-key systems.

Service work and calibration services

We have a well-qualified team of offshore service engineers, including experienced and certified support engineers onshore, who can undertake service work on all makes and models of MetOcean systems, EMP / EMS systems, HMS systems, meteorological and oceanographic sensors, etc. Our workshop is equipped for servicing and calibrating sensors and instrumentation and has a fast-track supply line for spare parts.

Upgrading older systems

We can perform an unconditional survey of older MetOcean systems – regardless of supplier – to evaluate the condition of the system and the need for upgrades.

A thorough report is issued after the survey that documents the status of existing equipment, proposes upgrades if necessary and shows how such upgrades can result in less service and maintenance.

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