Offshore MetOcean Sensors are exposed to the most extreme weather conditions and are not only expected to function under these conditions, but also expected to measure accurately, providing correct data in order to document these conditions.

This is achieved by designing and building systems using highly specialized sensors from reputable manufacturers worldwide, known for high quality products, and integrating these into systems that gives the user valuable additional information.

Our long experience from working in field has provided extremely valuable information on which parameters that is important for reliable long-term operation under extreme conditions. All sensors used in our systems are thoroughly field-proven and qualified through years of operational use.

Another facet of our diversity is our own production of specialized sensors, software and related services, which are breaking new ground in this still young and fast developing industry. 

Our versatility is given full scope by our wide knowledge of the technology available for use offshore and in rough environments, which is beautifully backed up by a full range of the latest equipment in this field.

Service work and calibration services

We have a well-qualified team of offshore service engineers, including experienced and certified support engineers onshore, who can undertake service work on all makes and models of MetOcean sensors and systems, EMP / EMS systems, HMS systems,

meteorological and oceanographic sensors, etc. Our workshop is equipped for servicing and calibrating most kinds of sensors and instrumentation and has a fast-track supply line for spare parts.

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