Environmental Monitoring Systems, often known as EMS/EMP systems, Weather Stations or Metocean systems – are a very important tool for many users onshore and offshore and provide vital data for operations, valuable corrections to weather forecasting and statistical data for environmental criteria.

These systems are very flexible and easy to modify or expand. Additional sensors, inputs and outputs can easily be added or changed whenever required. The DADAS software package has been used in offshore applications for more than 15 years and has proven very user friendly and reliable for unattended operations in harsh environments. Data displays can be designed and configured according to the clients specific needs. 

A number of display pages showing various data combinations, graphical and historical presentation and other information can be set up. Data can easily be interchanged with other systems, specific data outputs can be configured to local and remote users. Data from offshore systems can be sent to onshore users or remote users through a wide variety of data transfer methods, data lines, email reports or web pages.

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