Current sensors are normally divided into Single-point Current Meters and Current Profilers. Single-point current meters will only measure the current at the exact depth where they are installed. As sea currents often vary significantly with depth, measuring the current profile for the entire water column using a Current Profiler is often preferred.

Single-point Current meters

WISE Group can recommend sensors for single-point measurements based on acoustic or electromagnetic principles, several with well-proven track records offshore. Current Speed and Direction are standard parameters; others, such as Sea Temperature, Salinity, Conductivity and Pressure, can be added by combining with CTD sensors.

Current Profilers – ADCP

Current profile measurements are very complex and require thorough planning and reliable equipment. Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) can be delivered to profile water depths from a few meters up to a maximum of around 1000 meters. Several sensors can be linked together for greater water depths, and the system software can merge the data.

Sensor Deployment Systems

Sensors can be deployed in offshore applications in many different ways, the most common being deployment over the side of the structure/vessel/rig by a winch and davit arrangement or deployed on a separate mooring.

WISE Group has experience with several solutions and can advise, recommend, and supply complete engineered packages. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for details.

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