WISE Group: Your Trusted Partner in MetOcean System Maintenance

Instruments and systems in extreme weather conditions demand regular, meticulous service, maintenance, and calibration. The need is even more pronounced for sensors that capture meteorological data amidst the harshest environments. The WISE Group is your partner in ensuring precision and reliability, offering high-quality maintenance services.

Expertise & Experience

With a legacy of over 25 years of offshore experience, our team specialises in constructing and installing robust systems worldwide. Our team of experienced service engineers and onshore support engineers can handle service work for all MetOcean systems, EMP/EMS systems, HMS systems, and meteorological and oceanographic sensors, regardless of the manufacturer.

Annual Maintenance: Preventative Approach

We advocate a preventative maintenance strategy for all systems exposed to harsh weather conditions. A comprehensive annual check, including mechanical maintenance and calibration, is essential for optimum performance and to prevent costly system downtime during critical operations.

Helideck Monitoring Systems Maintenance: Complying with Regulations

We diligently comply with the regulations requiring a thorough system examination, including a motion sensor verification report every year, at the very least for Helideck Monitoring Systems and MRU once every two years. We follow the highest verification standards to ensure accurate readings and maintain your certification in accordance with the CAA and HCA provisions.

Upgrading Or Expanding Your Systems

Technology advancements, regulation changes, or wear and tear often call for upgrades or expansions. Regardless of the manufacturer, we can upgrade your MetOcean systems and add improved sensors and other equipment to enhance their performance and lifespan.

Customised Service Agreements and Sensor Pool

Understanding our customers’ unique needs and budgetary considerations, we offer tailor-made multi-level service agreements. We’ve got you covered, from software upgrades and maintenance to unlimited telephone and online data support.

Certifications and Qualifications

Boasting an ISO-certified status by DNV and approval by CAA-N, our service engineers and onshore support engineers are prepared to service all MetOcean Systems, EMS systems, HMS systems, and meteorological and oceanographic sensors.

Comprehensive Service Reporting

We conclude every service task with a detailed report outlining the equipment status and recommendations for any outstanding issues. If necessary, we can survey the quality of older systems and provide a report with steps to elevate the system to current standards.

We Service:

  • Metocean systems
  • EMS / EMP systems
  • HMS systems
  • Weather stations
  • Meteorological sensors
  • Wind sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Barometers
  • Visibility sensors
  • Cloud Height sensors
  • Precipitation sensors
  • Oceanographic sensors
  • Current sensors
  • Wave Height sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • MRU
  • Strain gauge systems
  • Display systems
  • Other data systems
  • Other instrumentation

Get in Touch with our Support Team

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