Advanced Motion Sensors for Oceanic and Offshore Applications

Motion sensors are pivotal in today’s oceanic and offshore sectors, leveraging angular or acceleration measurements to assess many parameters. These include Pitch, Roll, Heave, Surge, Sway, Yaw, Acceleration, Helideck Heave, Helideck Inclination, Heave Rate, Trim, List, and more.

Direct measurements contribute to some parameters, while dedicated sensor software calculates others. It’s crucial to select a sensor with a suitable measurement range and frequency for your specific application and correct sensor placement. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for expert advice.

Precision Inclination Sensors – Pitch and Roll Sensors

Traditionally, the “bubble-on-the-wall” method offered a rudimentary but reliable way to measure a vessel’s Pitch and Roll. Today, for more precise measurements, WISE Group provides a variety of electronic angular sensors or inclinometers.

These come with either display systems or software and can enhance accuracy to fractions of a degree, offering graphical and historical presentations.

State-of-the-Art Motion Sensors – Motion Reference Unit (MRU)

We provide Motion Reference Units, or MRUs, with specifications tailored to your application needs. At a minimum, these sensors measure Pitch, Roll, and Heave. However, they can extend to capture all motion parameters directly or as calculated parameters via dedicated software.

We supply sensors capable of recording a vessel’s overall motion or dedicatedly tracking the Helideck’s motion. Correct sensor location is crucial in these applications.

AIM Motion Sensor: A Benchmark in Motion Sensing Technology

WISE Group’s Adaptive Inertial Matrix (AIM) motion sensor stands at the forefront of advanced motion sensing technology. This groundbreaking sensor incorporates Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, setting a new standard in measurement reliability, accuracy, and affordability for offshore applications.

Special Considerations for Motion Sensor Installation and Use

The selection and installation of motion sensors demand an experienced and knowledgeable team. Similarly, developing software products for motion calculations requires highly qualified engineers.

At WISE Group, we take pride in our extensive experience installing and utilizing such sensors, backed by top-tier software engineers who empower users to use their systems entirely.

Contact us today to learn more about our advanced motion sensors, including the cutting-edge AIM.

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