Advanced Inertial Measurement – Pioneering Offshore and Marine Application

Dive into the future of motion detection with our Advanced Inertial Measurement (AIM) – a revolutionary development in hardware and software based on MEMS technology (Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems) and digital Inertial Measurement Units (IMU).

IMU units, incorporating accelerometers, rate gyro sensors, and magnetometers, have evolved over the years to provide highly reliable and accurate measurements at a reasonable cost.

But the AIM system takes it one step further with added analogue signal interfacing plus RS232/RS485. It also includes RJ45 Ethernet for easy data export and presentation.

The AIM system sets itself apart by capitalizing on MEMS technology’s price and performance capability. It achieves superior measurement performance tailored to specific applications by incorporating multiple IMUs.

For instance, a large rig or FPSO’s long-period motion would require a different sensor configuration than smaller work vessels.

Key advantages:

  1. Unmatched Accuracy: By incorporating multiple IMUs, AIM delivers higher accuracy than a single sensor.
  2. Comprehensive Dynamic Range: Multiple IMUs allow continuous measurements across an extensive dynamic range that wouldn’t be possible with a single sensor.
  3. Advanced Motion Identification: AIM can identify and resolve additional motion types thanks to the spatial separation between sensors in multiple IMUs.
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