Reliable solutions for accurate gas and particle analysis

Companies and organisations can finally monitor critical air quality parameters in real-time and make better decisions thanks to reliable solutions for accurate gas and particulate analysis.

An air quality monitoring network is a valuable tool for operations managers to ensure the health and safety of the workers, comply with environmental regulations, improve operational efficiency and enhance their reputation.

This industrial air quality solution is designed for harsh environments with an easy integration of real-time data into wired industrial systems and maintaining wireless data transmission to the Kunak Cloud software.

Kunak AIR Pro
Kunak AIR with solar power

Kunak AIR Pro is a sensor-based air quality monitoring station designed for cities, industries, and researchers who need to make better decisions on complementary air quality systems with accurate data.

It is designed to solve all the lifecycle challenges of an air quality product, its operation and maintenance, as well as the need of every environmental project.

Its multipollutant cutting-edge design includes environmental sensors as well as connectors for external weather sensors or probes which, together with its solar panel operation and real-time wireless data transmission makes the Kunak AIR Pro the most advanced air quality monitoring station on the market.

Kunak AIR Lite is based on the same principles as Kunak AIR Pro solution and makes use of the same Smart Gas sensor technology. The Kunak AIR Lite is designed to complete Kunak AIR solutions, targeting a maximum of 2 gases and particles. In addition, probes for wind, rain, noise can be connected to the device to meet all the necessities of your air quality project.

Kunak AIR Lite
Kunak Cloud

Kunak Cloud is a web-based air quality monitoring software designed to aid environmental professionals in understanding and utilizing air quality data, delivering operational environmental intelligence for informed decision-making. Benefitting from its bidirectional capabilities, Kunak Cloud presents a novel approach to managing remote settings, alarm configurations, calibrations, and field operations. It also offers a comprehensive suite of air quality data analysis.

Kunak Cloud is a flexible and modular software solution engineered for simplicity. Its design enables effortless user account management, straightforward network operation, intuitive data validation, and accessible analysis and reporting. As a robust and potent air quality software, Kunak Cloud rounds off the comprehensive AIR solutions provided by Kunak, encapsulating their commitment to pioneering air quality monitoring solutions.

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