Embrace the Future of Meteorological Data

Introducing the WISE Met Translator Display – an epitome of precision, tailored to seamlessly interface with a majority of standard meteorological sensors, delivering clear readings on a vibrant 7″ integrated display and customisable outputs to other systems.

Delve Deeper with Data Interpretation

With the Met Translator’s 8 analogue inputs, provide DADAS with custom-tailored ASCII messages utilising the serial RS-485 protocol.

Witness meteorological data come to life on our dedicated 7″ Display, showcasing real-time metrics enhanced with graphical trend representation.

WISE Met Translator Display

This is the perfect replacement for the discontinued YOUNG Meteorological Translator (Model 26800), which is no longer available.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Interfacing: Equipped with 8 analogue inputs, our translator can adeptly interface and provide DADAS with adaptable ASCII messages over the reliable RS-485 serial protocol.
  • Customisable Configurations: Choose from 8 analogue inputs with adjustable ranges, 5 digital inputs, and 4 digital outputs, moulded perfectly to fit every project’s unique requisites.
  • Universal Data Sharing: Extend your data reach! Trust our translator to communicate flawlessly with conventional data protocols, whether to other users, systems, or standard computers.

Ready to Translate Your Meterological Data with Confidence?

Translate your sensor data with the WISE Met Translator Display into the specific format you need for your users and systems.

Contact us today to discuss your needs or to see it in action. Let’s embark on a journey of innovation and success together!

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