WISE Group is a complete system house for developing and building meteorological, oceanographic and motion data systems. Main products include Weather Stations, Environmental Monitoring Systems and Helideck Monitoring Systems for marine, offshore and other demanding applications.

WISE Group shall provide systems equipment and services that duly meet and exceed customer quality expectations. Products shall be designed, manufactured, delivered, installed, and tested to high QHSE standards with due regard to the protection of the environment and the health and safety of all interested parties.

WISE Group shall go beyond compliance to protect people, physical assets, and reputation by reinforcing good behaviours and providing a healthy, safe, and secure work environment to ensure the safe and sustainable delivery of projects.

WISE Group recognises that outstanding business performance requires outstanding QHSE performance. To this end WISE Group are committed to:

  • Establishing policies that supports the strategic direction of the business.
  • Setting meaningful SMART objectives that are aligned with organizational policies and goals.
  • Applying process approach and risk-based thinking to ensure an effective QHSE management system.
  • Satisfying and complying with applicable customer, legal requirements, and other requirements.
  • Protecting the environment with consideration of pollution prevention, climate change mitigation and adaption, sustainable resource use and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Eliminating hazards wherever possible and reducing health and safety risks.
  • Ensuring suppliers, subcontractors and service providers maintain high standards of engineering, production, quality, reliability, and delivery performance.
  • Providing adequate resources for safe operation and control of its processes.
  • Promoting consultation and participation of workers and where they exist worker representatives.
  • Performance monitoring and continual improvement of the QHSE management system.

This policy is supported by top management and shall be reviewed, communicated, and maintained as documented information, and be available to all relevant interested parties.


Roger Lillestøl, MD