Helideck Monitoring Systems

WISE Group Automasjon & Data AS is certified by CAA International (Civil Aviation Authority) to deliver CAP 437 compliant Helideck Monitoring Systems (HMS) for rev 9b.

For these systems this implies that a set of brand new GUIs / displays are installed and also that a set of Helideck Repeater Lights need to be installed on all certified offshore helidecks.

These measures are considered very important to maintain the highest safety level on offshore vessels, platforms and other installations.

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Offshore oil and gas

Offshore oil and gas

Designing, building and installing Environmental Monitoring Systems

WISE Group has been involved in designing, building and installing Environmental Monitoring Systems to improve safety and operations offshore for more than 20 years.

Weather-critical operations are a part of daily life on an offshore installation, and reliable monitoring systems are crucial to rig operators and other demanding users.

Offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy

Delivering a wide range of systems and sensors from wave and current to wind and meteorological sensors 

WISE Group can deliver a wide range of sensors from different manufacturers, from wave- and current sensors to wind- and meteorological sensors and everything in between.

However, only those robust enough to survive the harsh conditions offshore will be recommended.

Marine and shipping

Marine and shipping

Offering maintenance, regular service and calibration of environmental, weather and helideck monitoring systems 

All instrumentation exposed to harsh weather conditions will require regular maintenance and calibration to function reliably.

Everything from a straightforward wind sensor to large complex EMS systems must be checked, maintained and recalibrated 1-2 times yearly for optimum performance.

DADAS Software
for MetOcean projects

MetOcean Data Acquisition Software

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Service and Support on MetOcean Instrumentation Systems

Offshore installation and service
HMS systems Verification Tests

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WISE = «Weather Information Systems»

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Quality Control

WISE Group is listed as qualified supplier thru Magnet JQS. Our certified Quality Management System is compliant with ISO 9001:2015. 

QA System

Quality guaranteed

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WISE Group is a complete system house for meteorological and oceanographic data systems.

The main products are Environmental Monitoring Systems and Helideck Monitoring Systems for marine and offshore applications.

Such systems can measure wind, temperatures, barometric pressure, sea currents, waves and other parameters essential for offshore users.

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