Weather Information System for Offshore & Marine Operations

The WISE Buoy is a highly reliable and versatile tool for safer offshore and marine operations. It can be used to collect data when planning for operations or to increase the safety level during critical operations—the data is also stored for later analysis for statistics purposes and incident and accident investigations.

Weather conditions are the main limiting operational and safety parameters when operating many specialized offshore vessels.


  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various marine tasks, such as passenger transport, heavy lifting, cable laying, and more.
  • Reliable Weather Monitoring: Provides accurate weather data that can increase the operational window and lead to successful operations.
  • Configurable: Can be tailored to various applications and integrated with our other MetOcean products.
  • Additional Capabilities: Meteorological and oceanographic forecasting can be added as an extra feature.

Typical Users/Applications:

  • Wind farm installations, O & M
  • Heavy lift operations
  • Heavy transport operations
  • Vessels in transit
  • Pipe laying vessels
  • Cable laying vessels
  • Seismic vessels
  • Towing operations
  • Diving and ROV operations
  • Harbour and Pilot information
  • Fisheries information services
  • Coast Guard and Military operations

Buoy for operational support during critical operations

  1. Meteorological Sensor
    – wind speed and direction
    – air temperature
    – air humidity
  2. Wave Height Sensor
    – wave height and period
    – motion sensor (6 DOF)
    – magnetometer
  3. Power Box
    – battery charger & controller
    – power distribution
  4. Solar Panel
    – for battery charging
  5. Sea Current Sensor
    – current speed and direction
    – current profilers, short range and long range available (max 1000 meters)
    – sea temperature
    – conductivity
    – water quality parameters
  6. Current Power Generator
    – allows battery charging when operating in high current areas
  1. Mooring and Towing Support
  2. Mechanical Support Structure
    – fixing brackets for underwater sensors
    – fixing bracket for current generator
  3. Lifting and Handling Supports
  4. Waterproof Battery Package
    – capacity to be calculated according to application
  5. Platform for Additional Sensors
  6. Data Processing Unit
    – data acquisition unit
    – data processing
    – data storage
    – data communication
  7. Navigation and Communication
    – gps
    – short range uhf radio modem
    – long range iridium satellite modem
    – flash light

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Accurate Weather Monitoring during such operations can increase the operational window significantly. It can be the main factor leading to a successful operation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how the WISE Buoy can fit your specific needs. Our team is ready to provide the support and solutions you require.

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