Performance monitoring for ships and vessels

Unveiling the WISE Group’s Vessel Black Box (VBB) – your reliable companion for comprehensive ship performance monitoring! Our VBB collects data for robust analysis and insightful statistics and serves as an invaluable tool for warranty investigations and incident or accident reconstructions.

Engineered for Excellence

The VBB goes beyond basic motion monitoring – it unveils hidden insights that could revolutionize your maritime operations. Long-term data could expose design flaws or operational issues, paving the way for smoother, more successful journeys.

Whether you’re a vessel designer seeking deeper insights or a ship owner striving for efficiency, the VBB stands as a beacon of innovation.

Modular and Scalable 

We know every voyage is unique. That’s why we’ve built the VBB to accommodate various additional features. Integrate motor data, navigation statistics, structural data, and even meteorological and oceanographic parameters. Our system adapts to your needs, fostering an ecosystem of data-driven decision-making.

Precision in Action 

The VBB system harnesses the power of advanced motion sensors and a dedicated computer. It measures and displays all six degrees of freedom, related accelerations, velocities, structural loads, and other forces.

Moreover, the system can tap into onboard measurements like engine performance, meteorological sensors, and more, offering a 360-degree overview of your vessel’s operation.

Portable and Flexible 

Our VBB is not just a data powerhouse; it’s a flexible tool designed for the modern mariner. We can craft smaller, self-contained systems with wired or wireless data transfer.

Add or remove onboard displays according to your application’s needs. Moreover, you can send data to shore or other sites in real time for efficient tracking and coordination.

Secured and Future-proof 

Never worry about losing critical data – our system stores it for later analysis. For added security, you can integrate additional data storage devices, such as free-float data buoys.

Moreover, our system evolves with your requirements. It can seamlessly expand to meet new demands, rules, and regulations.

Ready to Navigate with Confidence?

Transform your maritime operations with WISE Group’s Vessel Black Box. It’s time to take control, optimize performance, and sail into the future with assurance.

Contact us today to discuss your needs or request a demo to see the VBB in action. Let’s embark on a journey of innovation and success together!

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