The Core of Robust Monitoring Systems

With a legacy of over two decades in offshore applications, the DADAS software package remains at the heart of our reliable and user-friendly monitoring systems. Adaptable for operations in even the harshest environments, it forms the core of all our systems, including the Helideck Monitoring System, Environmental Monitoring System, and Vessel Motion Monitoring System.

DADAS is a dynamic real-time data acquisition software built to accommodate various applications.

DADAS covers all bases, from data collection to processing, display, reporting, and controlling other units or processes.

Its flexibility allows quick and efficient modifications or additions to meet your evolving requirements.

Interfacing seamlessly with other systems, DADAS ensures smooth data interchange.

With the capability to configure specific data outputs for local and remote users, the software streamlines data delivery via various methods, including data lines, SMS, email reports, or web pages.

The DADAS Web version further broadens this accessibility.

Harnessing Data for Deep-Water Drilling with the DADAS software

DADAS Current Profile

Drilling in deep waters brings unique challenges, particularly fluctuating and unpredictable currents.

DADAS software enables your Metocean system to be equipped with one or more profiling current sensors (ADCPs), providing critical information for such circumstances.

Its user-friendly displays deliver essential insights swiftly and efficiently.

Ensuring Accuracy with Anchor Line Monitoring

The DADAS software interfaces with most sensors and systems on the market, presenting data about anchor line tension and length in a user-friendly manner.

This data is typically displayed alongside current or motion data, providing comprehensive insights.

Data can also be visually represented through graphical displays and retransmitted to remote users, whether onshore or offshore.

DADAS Anchor Display

Comprehensive Reporting with DADAS Reporting Module

Our DADAS Reporting Module further extends your control over your data. The module can generate automatic or semi-automatic reports from an active system, allowing data processing into standardized formats.

It supports the creation of information in any standard format (Word/Excel/PDF/etc.) and facilitates dispatch through file transfer, email, or SMS.

With its support for automatic reporting or data transfer in ASCII, MODBUS, SNMP, or similar formats, DADAS ensures full access and control over your data.

It also accommodates special formats like METAR, SYNOP, and SPECI.

External Interface Modules

The DADAS external interface module can send controll signales and relay data through different protocolls with several preconfigured plugins.

  • Serial protocols (MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU)
  • Repeater light communication protocol for Helideck Repeater Lights (ex. Orga)
  • Analog/Digital Outpu throug the use of external devices (ex. ADAM
  • OPS-DA

DADAS software is the backbone of our monitoring systems, delivering reliability, versatility, and user-friendly operation.

Contact us today to learn how DADAS can cater to your unique needs and requirements.

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