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The DADAS Cloud platform, by WISE Group, is a web-based onshore data collection and presentation tool designed for seamless data distribution to diverse users.

Harnessing real-time MetOcean data from remote locations, especially offshore, DADAS Cloud offers timely, accessible, and secure data insights.

DADAS Cloud Details

Key Features & Benefits

  • Universal Access: Reliable, round-the-clock data access on any internet-enabled device.
  • Scalability: DADAS Cloud consolidates and customizes data access effortlessly for clients with geographically scattered assets.
  • Third-Party Data Access: Collaborate seamlessly with weather forecast agencies, QC firms, and governmental bodies.
  • Data Validity Checks: Periodic QC ensures data authenticity.
  • Remote Capabilities: Features like remote download and trending offer extensive data insights.
  • Versatility: DADAS Cloud communicates with various sensors or systems, keeping data accessible.
  • Real-time Visualization: Users can view real-time meteorological data essential for operations like helicopter flights, with visual indicators using varied colours to depict hazardous conditions. On-demand graphs can be generated in DADAS Cloud with customizable parameters, dates, and site selections.
  • Integration Capabilities: DADAS Cloud can seamlessly relay data to platforms like HELIMET and other national/regional networks.
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Versatility Beyond Weather

While the DADAS Cloud‘s primary function revolves around meteorological data, its capabilities aren’t limited. It’s adaptable to various data types and applications. Please reach out to us for bespoke solutions.

Technical Insights

Data updates typically occur every ten minutes, with customizable intervals available.

Data Security

In our digitally connected era, safeguarding our client’s data is paramount. DADAS Cloud operates on a one-way traffic model, receiving and displaying real-time information without external interference.

Historical Excellence

DADAS Cloud is based on MM Weather, originally a Muir Matheson Ltd innovation, which has maintained operational excellence over the years.

DADAS Cloud Details

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