Wave measurements using a non-contact down looking narrow beam radar is a well proven method for wave measurements offshore. This method will usually give very good results providing that an installation site with an unobstructed view of the waves can be found.

Radar sensors, complete with installation brackets are available to measure Wave Height and Period. Transportable systems are also available.

Wave Radar description

The wave radar is fitted with a antenna and signal processing unit embedded in the radar housing, and connected to a power supply. The radar is of sturdy and extremely compact design. A measurement range of 0,5 to 70 meters will cover a large range of users and make this unit suitable for a lot of wave measure-ment applications.

A total weight of less than 20 kg allows easy transportation between measurement sites and makes this well suited as a portable unit. Signals can be distributed locally via UHF radio or transmitted through the Iridium global tracking satellite system to offshore or onshore users. A variety of display options, PC software, apps or web distribution of data are also available from A+D.

Wave Radar installation

These Wave Radars needs to be installed in a location with the best unobstructed view to the waves possible. Emphasis must be made to avoid splashing or turbulence from the vessels hull or nearby structures. Installations looking through deck or gratings can be used or installations over the side of larger platforms or sites using brackets can be used.

Standard fixing brackets are available that can be easily removed for service or maintenance. Movable or portable solutions can also be provided.