Measuring waves with a non-contact down-looking narrow beam radar has become a proven method in offshore wave measurements. This method at a site with an unobstructed view of the waves delivers excellent results.

We offer radar sensors, installation brackets for Wave Height and Period measurements, and transportable systems.

Wave Radar Description

The wave radar has an embedded antenna and signal processing unit within the radar housing, all connected to a robust power supply. This radar is built sturdy yet highly compact and can measure a range of 0.5 to 70 meters, accommodating a broad spectrum of users for various wave measurement applications.

With a weight of less than 20 kg, this portable unit allows easy transportation between measurement sites. You can distribute signals locally via UHF radio or transmit them to offshore or onshore users through the Iridium global tracking satellite system.

WISE Group also provides various display options, PC software, apps, or web data distribution to suit your needs.

Wave Radar Installation

When installing Wave Radars, you must choose a location that offers the best possible unobstructed view of the waves. Careful consideration is necessary to avoid splashing or turbulence from the vessel’s hull or nearby structures.

Options include installations that use brackets to look through decks or gratings or over the sides of larger platforms.

We supply standard fixing brackets, which you can easily remove for service or maintenance. Additionally, we can provide movable or portable solutions to meet your specific requirements.

By choosing Wavesat’s Downlooking Wave Radar, you’re investing in an innovative solution that ensures accuracy and flexibility in wave monitoring.

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