Monitoring the environment that surround us has become more important than ever.

The WISE brand is an abbreviation for Weather Information Systems and has of course also a built-in hidden message that we can offer systems and sensors with more than just a stupid measured number. We enjoy setting our resources in motion working out new ways of handling new projects and solving new problems.

The WISE group is a complete system house for developing and building meteorological, oceanographic and motion data systems. The main products are Weather Stations, Environmental Monitoring Systems and Helideck Monitoring Systems for marine, offshore and other demanding applications.

Such systems typically measure wind, temperatures, barometric pressure, sea currents, waves, motions and other parameters essential for offshore users and other demanding customers but can also include a number of additional sensors and tailor-made functions that are essential for offshore users.

Typical add-on functions can be Stress Monitoring, Motion and Accelerations measurements, Anchor Line Monitoring, Alarm functions, SCADA applications and many others.

The WISE Group is a new branding of two highly reputable businesses in this market.

  • WISE Group – Automasjon og Data, based in Stavanger, Norway was founded in 1991 with historical roots back to before 1980 in the North Sea MetOcean market.
  • WISE Group – Muir Matheson, based in Aberdeen area, Scotland was founded in 1974 and has been one of the leading MetOcean system providers for several decades.

After joining forces in 2021, we are undoubtedly one of the market leaders worldwide for systems and services in the MetOcean domain.

Our versatility is given full scope by our vast knowledge of the technology available for use offshore and in rough environments, which is beautifully backed up by a full range of the latest equipment in this field.

This versatility is achieved by designing and building systems using highly specialized sensors from reputable manufacturers worldwide, known for high-quality products, and integrating these into systems that give the user valuable information.

We specialize in heavy-duty equipment for rough environments, and our offshore and underwater experience can be easily transferred to other areas where stringent quality conditions apply.

Another facet of our diversity is the production of specialized sensors, software, and related services, which are breaking new ground in this still young and fast-developing industry.

Offshore MetOcean Systems are exposed to the most extreme weather conditions. They are not only expected to function in these conditions but to measure accurately, providing correct data to document these conditions.

All offshore platforms and vessels need environmental data for daily operational use and as an essential tool for safety purposes. In the later years, these systems are also being tailor-made to measure the movements and conditions of the helideck and are used as a tool for improving the safety of helicopter traffic.

We have an impressive range of software products, including our software package DADAS which has been in use in a large number of MetOcean data systems all over the world since 1992. The DADAS software is a general data acquisition package incorporating a very flexible display module, a comprehensive reporting module, alarm modules and the possibility to control smaller processes directly.

A special version DADAS PB has been selected by Petrobras as the standard MetOcean software for all their assets in Brazil.

The company has a lot of valuable experience from many different applications and a large number of special functions have been integrated in the software in order to improve the user interface.

Special emphasize has been put upon making the data displays easily understandable for non-technical users.

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Quality Control

Our cloud based Quality Management System is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and is certified by DNV.

All manufacturing & testing is documented thoroughly, processes and deliveries are monitored closely.

The QMS has been audited and approved by a number of third parties, among them Achilles, Magnet Joint Qualification System and CAA.